Do you experience the following:

  • Happiness while watching movies such as Alien, Event Horizon, and Pandorum?
  • Smiling while playing games like Dead Space and Doom?
  • Joy while reading books like Blindsight by Peter Watts, The Void by Brett J Talley, and the works of H.P. Lovecraft?
  • General fear of the unknown?

Then The Vessel might be right for you. Side effects include night terrors and phantom pains. The Vessel is a Science Fiction serial with horror elements, or simply Space Horror. Updates are posted Thursday mornings when active. Check current status below.

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Episode Two is also on Kindle.

Episode Three is out now.


The far future. Earth became inhospitable, with the climate ravaged and disease and famine spread worldwide. After the oceans rose, the people of Earth sent a massive ship out into the stars to find a new home. Dubbed Ark One, it is mankind’s greatest accomplishment, a veritable living planet housing ten thousand people both living and cryogenically frozen.

When a single man is woken up with no memory of who he is or how he came to be on the ship, it sets off a chain of horrific events that may threaten the very future of Ark One, along with every living being unlucky enough to be a passenger.